Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) outlines the terms and conditions governing the provision of website development services by X3WEB to its clients. By engaging with X3WEB’s services, clients agree to adhere to the terms outlined herein.

1. Initial Consultation and Agreement:

  • X3WEB will engage in a consultation with the client to determine the requirements and specifications for the website.
  • Upon agreement, X3WEB will create and send an invoice clearly stating the services to be provided and the type of website required.

2. Payment and Questionnaire:

  • The client is required to pay the invoice promptly.
  • Upon receipt of payment, X3WEB will send a questionnaire to the client, which must be completed and returned within 7 days.
  • Failure to return the questionnaire within 7 days may result in X3WEB proceeding with the website development based on available information and time constraints.

3. E-commerce Website Development:

  • For e-commerce websites, the client will receive both a questionnaire and a spreadsheet to fill in with necessary details.
  • X3WEB will strictly adhere to the information provided in the questionnaire and spreadsheet.
  • X3WEB will not build more pages than stated on the questionnaire.

4. Client Responsibility:

  • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure all required information is clearly stated in the questionnaire.
  • X3WEB will not take responsibility for any inaccuracies if the information was not provided clearly in the questionnaire.

5. Website Design and Revision:

  • The client will provide examples of website designs they like, which X3WEB will incorporate into the website.
  • Upon completion, the client will have one revision to review the website and provide detailed changes to X3WEB.
  • X3WEB will not make additional edits beyond what was stated in the questionnaire without invoicing for additional work.

6. Website Layout and Lead Time:

  • Lead times for website completion vary based on the type of website:
    • 1-page website: 7 days
    • 5-page website: 8 days
    • 10-page website: 10 days
    • E-commerce, booking, or membership websites: 12 days

7. Scope of Work:

  • X3WEB will work within the scope of the job as outlined in the questionnaire and invoice.
  • Any additional work requested by the client will be invoiced accordingly.

8. Guarantee and Responsibility:

  • X3WEB does not guarantee Google rankings or increased traffic.
  • X3WEB builds websites strictly according to the questionnaire and invoice provided by the client.
  • X3WEB will not be responsible for miscommunication if not clearly stated in the questionnaire and invoice.

9. Timelines for Feedback and Changes:

  • All feedback and changes from website reviews must be provided to X3WEB within 7 days of website delivery.
  • After 7 days, X3WEB will invoice for any additional work required, including reviews.

10. Review Responsibility:

  • The client has one review to thoroughly go through the website and provide detailed changes to X3WEB.
  • X3WEB will not be responsible for any missed details in the client’s review.

Contact Information:

  • For further assistance, clients can contact X3WEB at 079 370 2434.

By engaging with X3WEB’s services, clients acknowledge and accept the terms outlined in this Service Level Agreement.

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