Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation Notice: To cancel the membership plan, the client must provide a written 30-day notice of cancellation to X3WEB. The notice should be sent to, and the client will receive a confirmation of receipt.

Outstanding Payments: All outstanding payments and penalties must be paid in full before the cancellation of the membership plan. If the client fails to pay outstanding amounts, X3WEB reserves the right to hold the website or any other related service until the payment is made in full.

Refunds: X3WEB does not provide any refunds for the membership plan fees once they have been paid. However, if the client cancels the membership plan during the first 30 days of service, the client will not be charged for any subsequent months. Once an invoice has been paid, no refund will be given upon cancellation.

Termination of Service: X3WEB reserves the right to terminate the membership plan service for any client for any reason whatsoever. If the service is terminated by X3WEB, the client will receive a prorated refund of any unused portion of the service fees.

Website Ownership: X3WEB retains ownership of all website designs, codes, and related assets created during the membership plan service. The client will not have any rights to the website or related assets until all outstanding payments are made in full.

Right to Hold Domains and Websites: X3WEB reserves the right to hold domains, lock domains, and websites until no more monies are owed to X3WEB.

Legal Action: X3WEB takes all necessary steps to protect itself against any legal action that may arise. X3WEB reserves the right to take legal action against any client who fails to pay the membership plan fees or violates any terms and conditions of the membership plan agreement.

Amendments: X3WEB reserves the right to amend the cancellation policy at any time without notice. It is the responsibility of the client to review the cancellation policy periodically and ensure compliance.

By accepting the membership plan service, the client agrees to all terms and conditions of the cancellation policy. If the client does not agree with any of the terms and conditions, the client should not use X3WEB’s membership plan service.

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