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Designing Websites for the X3Web team is not a part time or a side line job. We design Websites for our clients that stand out from the competition. X3web is a fully registered business that does around 1000 websites per year. 

We pride yourself with the quality of each website we deliver to our clients. The X3Web team keeps the team motivated to strive to be better with internal competitions and incentives for the winning website. As a result, the team works harder and keeps learning new ways to give you a better product.

The X3Web team wants to see each one of our clients succeed and we understand that your website is the front door to your business. A quality website shows that your business does quality work.

We always aim for satisfaction

Trusted by many happy costumer.

X3Web started as a small business but with our marketing skills and website skills, we soon became one of the most recognized website influencers in South Africa. With over 1500 clients in 8 different countries around the world, you know that you are dealing with a business that will be here for you tomorrow. 

X3Web is soon expanding its wings and opening a second branch in Austria, from there we aim for the sky to America and then we drop all the way down to Australia. X3Web will be one of the biggest and best-known website companies in the world and we will soon have the capability to give 24-hour support. 

That beats our competition who doesn’t even answer a phone after 5 or on a weekend. 

Choosing X3Web is not about choosing a website company, it’s about choosing a partner that will go with your business every step to help grow together. 

operation center

we always there for you.

Whatsapp, Email And phone call support.

At X3Web we offer 12 hours support, but for any major issue we offer 24hour support.

Immediate Maintenance

X3Web runs one of the biggest and strongest servers available. But when something happens we pride ourselves of imediate maintenance.

Trusted and reliable

With over 1500 clients worldwide, you can trust that X3Web has your back. We understadn the stresses of a business owner.

All Hands On Deck Approuch

At X3Web we have a all hands on deck approach, this includes the owner. You can contact Quentin directly on 0793702434

Quentin Rebb

A Letter from the owner

Dear Everyone,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Quentin Rebb, and I am the owner and director of X3WEB. Our mission is clear and ambitious: to elevate X3WEB to global recognition as the best website design company ever. While we have a challenging journey ahead, I am confident that with our exceptional team and robust support system, success is within our reach.

At X3WEB, we aim to do more than just create websites; we strive to build platforms that propel your business to new heights. In the next five years, I foresee a world where everything is online. The digital age is just beginning, and with the rapid advancement of AI, it is crucial for businesses to stay ahead of technological changes.

A business website is more than an online presence; it is the front door to your enterprise. It often serves as the first impression for your clients, reflecting the quality of your work. As the world embraces a fully digital future, traditional marketing methods are becoming obsolete. For instance, I recently spoke to an uncle who still advertises in newspapers, a medium I haven’t seen in ages. The time and money spent on outdated marketing methods like pamphlets are better invested in a high-quality website and digital marketing. A single TikTok video can reach more people than thousands of pamphlets ever could.

Marketing is increasingly challenging, as we now compete not only with other humans but also with AI. Staying current with new technologies and marketing strategies is essential. Your business must stand out and outshine the competition. The old handshake and eye contact method of doing business is fading. Today, your website and digital presence speak volumes about your character and the quality of your work.

Your business deserves a website from a trusted company. You need a site that outshines your competitors, professional email addresses, and a strong online presence that reflects your dedication and excellence. A top-quality website is now a crucial component of any successful business.

Word of mouth remains a powerful marketing tool, but it has moved online with reviews and social media. A well-designed website encourages your clients to share your business with their networks proudly.

Stand out from your competition with a bold, memorable website. Our landing pages start at R2430 excluding VAT, but if your budget allows, consider a more extensive site. A larger website offers more features, better client engagement, and enhanced advertising potential. Above all, ensure your brand rises above the rest and becomes widely recognized.

I wish you all the best with your businesses. Whether you choose X3WEB or not, I hope your endeavors soar to great heights.

Best regards,

Quentin Rebb
Owner and Director, X3WEB

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